Public Speaking (Keynote)

Do you want to hire me for a keynote? Great!
Let’s just go through some details – and then please do contact me.

What can you give a speech in?

My big passion is Digital Marketing with all what that contains. My view of Digital Marketing is cutting edge with new technology and perspectives that most people haven’t even realised. I work with this every day with our Danish Agency¬†OnDigital.


What do you know about business?

A bit ūüôā Just 14 years old I started my first E-commerce with my dad towards the Danish market selling paper. One of the first shops (2003-2004). I’ve never left since. I’ve done programming for a number of years and as that didn’t challenge me anymore, I continued with the printing industry – build production systems and did marketing (both offline and digital). I have realised that having a programmers attitude til Digital Marketing gives you data-driven marketing – which almost none execute to its full potential.

You are a speaker from Denmark Рcan you do public speaking in English?

Absolutely. Since I was very young I have lived outside of Denmark but still worked with many Danish-companies. I’ve lived a couple of years in Sweden, then 5 years in the UK and currently based in Spain. This has more than just given me the broad experience also given me a language advantage.

When you come – what will happen?

This will always need to be agreed when being booked.

I will usually come 30-60 min before I have to go on-stage. Please ensure that it’s easy for me to get through the entrance so we can focus on the actual speak or any coordination that is needed beforehand.

I’m happy to participate¬†in either interview or podcast. So please just book this. If possible – I always try to have 3-4 hours at the venue in total – so I’m always up to give you the extra value.

How will the session about Digital Marketing be structured?

I prefer to have at least 60 minutes. The 30-40 min will be the “intro” and then Q&A where people can ask anything they like. Either you as a host can pick the questions or I can randomly pick people as I see the hands coming up.

What can we do to brand you?

  1. Depending on how much time you have until the event – I can record a short video (2-5 min) only for your event. This you can freely use on your website or social media.
  2. I can do a short blog post in either Danish or English – 200-500 words.
  3. Do you need a picture of me Рplease use this: Web JPEG // HQ JPEG // TIFF

Slides / large screen / projector

Yes, please. I won’t use it that much – but I might present some facts to answers peoples question – or to ease understanding of the subject.

I will bring my own laptop – just have an HDMI cable and a power socket ready.


The price is depending on what you want, where you are based and how much preparation I need to use to prepare for your audience.


I prefer Europe – but if I can fit into the calendar I don’t mind travelling anywhere. I already spend a lot of time in Southern Spain and Denmark.


Please do contact me on – if your request is urgent please mark it “URGENT” in the subject. If you do that you can expect that I literally contact you immediately. It can be minutes or hours – but certainly not longer.