I’m more than willing to be interviewed within the areas that I feel that I can contribute with:

  • Business either in Denmark, UK or Spain
  • Denmark – being danish
  • Digital Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Google)
    • Big picture Social Media – what’s happening and how can we use it to our advantage
    • We don’t have to complain about how bad Social Media is – it’s simply just exposing who we really are – and this hasn’t really been done before.
    • Data-driven marketing
  • Entrepreneurship (building smaller business)
  • Printing (I have spent over 14 years in the Printing Industry)

I prefer to either be interviewed via Email, Phone or Skype. I’m happy to participate in a video interview, webinars etc.

Please contact me on to discuss further.

Skype: JannikHansenUK (please email for an appointment first). 

Feel free to follow my blog on Medium or connect on LinkedIn

Portrait picture for download – please do only use this if I have been interviewed or if I have given a statement to your media or blog. Have I done that – you can feel free to either use it on web or print.