Voice recording – either for video course, video live streaming or maybe a podcast

It’s really hard to get sound right. You don’t want to have to set up a entire studio – and assign an entire room just for you to be able to record a few things.

Usually it’s not great to record voice in a office with wooden floor – or colleagues in the background.

So what is the secrets for great sound?

First – it’s your surroundings. So choose a place with carpets.

Any noise is your enemy. So close windows, stay away from aircon sounds. Stay away from people speaking in the background. The clearest sound I have recorded have probably been in a corner desk in the bedroom – as the conditions there are perfect.

Second – you need to choose a microphone. I have tested the Blue Mic Snowball – which I have learned to love. It’s quite big of a portable mic – but stable, clear and a good all around mic.

If you only are going for recoding your own voice, then you can take the cheap one. Are you going to record more than one person – then take the more expensive.

The expensive version have omni-directional recording – so you can sit six people around it – and still get crystal clear sound. Like if you are doing a Skype Conference or something.

Once you get started with this you will realise that when you get into these professional microphones, then it can easily sound like you are spytting out letters – and you get those not very PRO sounds.

Here you will be needing a voice filter – which can removes this. You absolutely need this! I made an entire Udemy course without – but it’s not worth it. After spending 4 days of recording – I realised that this is really needed. I was SO careful not to make these noises – but after listening weeks after publishing it – then I realised that I certainly needed it!!

Then if you use the same desk all the times, you probably want a better microphone holder than the small once it comes with (which does the job) – it’s a luxury to make your life a bit more comfortable.

Weak Wifi? Slow Wifi? After 10 years of hunting, I have finally found the solution!

So admitted – I’m a bit of a geek. I might be a dad, husband – and a entrepreneur. But deep down – technology is always getting a lot of my attention.

I have been interest in how to connect computers and transfer data from before I even had access to the internet (pre-2000).

But never the less – I have the last 10+ years lived with bad, poor wifi there just wasn’t the same – or wasn’t stable enough.

So far my best advice had been to use a RJ45 (network cable) – and have several access points – to cover the house best.

But – in a rental flat – or in a house with several floors it’s hard to make holes in walls, floors etc. And you just don’t want to have cables every where.

I have for many years heard that you can transfer your data through the electric sockets – but it’s something that I just never believed that would be a good idea to do so. I never gave it a chance.

However, I should have had.

So I got the 500 mbps for about a year ago. I can transfer roughly 60-70 bit through it. You literally just plug directly into your router and into a random extension next to it. And then anywhere in the house you plug it in – press the button on both – and they connect.

Then you have transferred the internet signal – and here you can either connect it to a new router, access point – or you can go for one of the more expensive versions where you already have this integrated.

Semi-pro studio with 2x soft boxes for under £100 / $120!

I have a background as previous photografer – and I do not have any updated equipment. I wanted to do some decent video shooting – and picture taking; for which I was trying to find a cheap solution which still could give great results.

Do remark that this blog post is not directing you to any fantastic high quality equipment – but a practical very cheap solution for good results!!

So I had a good look through Amazon – and many of them have bad reviews. However, what confused me was that there was a few good once in-between!

So I found a product that actually does the job – but it is fragile!

The backgrounds I found was of decent quality – but they are a bit short – compared what is normally known from a photo studio. It can do the job – but creativity need to apply in certain scenarios. The stands it comes with are fine – as long you have a floor where it can stand pretty solid – such as a wooden floor.

I find it very flexible – that you can adjust it as you like in length – depending on a solo video performance – or a dual interview. Phot-R 2×2.26m Adjustable Heavy Duty Professional Photo Studio Backdrop

Then to the actual soft boxes! They are very power efficient as it mostly reminds me of a over dimensioned lamp with a very powerfull 5000K light.

They are flexible to fold out – but the electric part is FRAGILE – and you need to be careful. If you need this less than 10 times a year – then the kit will work fine – but it you need it as a professionel kit – it won’t last you long. However it’s a great starter kit (for soft box light).

RPGT® Photography Softbox Studio Continuous Lighting Kit with 2x80W 5500K Bulbs 50 x70 cm Softboxes 2M Light Stand

How do I find a great compact charger for Samsung S7 / S8 – iPhone 6 / 6S / 7?

I have been through quite a few chargers. Either they are too small (70-80%) of the phone battery capacity – or otherwise they are 2lbs (1kg) heavy.

It have been both crucial and hard for me to find the perfect match – which I do think I have found now.

So I looked both iPhone and Samsung flagships battery capacity. Both are in the region of 2800-3500 Mah. So I looked for something that had 1-2 full charge – and I found a little bulky wonder child, that not only have 2,000 5 star reviews – but also is very affordable! It cost just £7.99 (as per 20th May 2017). And the best thing is that it certainly is pocket size!

I have only had this for about a month – but I have had it’s Big Brother (Poweradd Pilot X7 20,000mAh) (for over a year) – so I have very good experience with the brand.

Poweradd Slim2 5000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank with Auto Detect Technology

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