Voice recording – either for video course, video live streaming or maybe a podcast

It’s really hard to get sound right. You don’t want to have to set up a entire studio – and assign an entire room just for you to be able to record a few things. Usually it’s not great to record voice in a office with wooden floor – or colleagues in the background. So […]

Weak Wifi? Slow Wifi? After 10 years of hunting, I have finally found the solution!

So admitted – I’m a bit of a geek. I might be a dad, husband – and a entrepreneur. But deep down – technology is always getting a lot of my attention. I have been interest in how to connect computers and transfer data from before I even had access to the internet (pre-2000). But […]

Semi-pro studio with 2x soft boxes for under £100 / $120!

I have a background as previous photografer – and I do not have any updated equipment. I wanted to do some decent video shooting – and picture taking; for which I was trying to find a cheap solution which still could give great results. Do remark that this blog post is not directing you to […]

How do I find a great compact charger for Samsung S7 / S8 – iPhone 6 / 6S / 7?

I have been through quite a few chargers. Either they are too small (70-80%) of the phone battery capacity – or otherwise they are 2lbs (1kg) heavy. It have been both crucial and hard for me to find the perfect match – which I do think I have found now. So I looked both iPhone […]

How to find the perfect External Battery for Macbook PRO / AIR?

If you as I am a heavy Mac user – you’ll have realised that the battery is the limitation. Especially when you do video editing while not being near a power socket – you got like 1-2 hrs. Even if you don’t and you maybe have long working days while flying, taxi’s or even on […]