How to improve iPhone performance without closing apps and rebooting

Hi there, As you know all iPhones always starts to get slower and slower, when there comes a new iPhone – and you keep your phone up to date as recommended for security reason, and to run apps.   Until now there have only been like one solution, unless you wanted to reboot your phone…
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Google Drive vs. Dropbox

Hi there, I have been a reliable Dropbox user for ages, and I must admit I have been loving it. But I have now given my self the challenge that I need to try out the Google Drive. I did try out Google Drive when it was new, on Windows 7 – ages ago –…
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Apple Music: How to cancel subscription

Nothing is worse than you feel that you have wasted money. You never guess how I this made me feel, when I only had tried the service for a couple of hours – 3 months ago – and I then get a lovely email from Apple that they have been so nice that they have…
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WhatsApp on a iPad without jailbreaking it!

Yes, let’s just admit it – it have been a huge weakness from the pure beginning that WhatsApp haven’t bothered making a solution for iPad and other tablets – so you easily can message your friends and family. At least now they have made a half-OK solution online. It does work a bit weirdly as…
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FreeAgent.com: Financial system to run your company in the UK

Hi guys, I moved to the UK a few years ago, and I started a couple of limited companies straight away. For quite a long time, I have been struggling to find a solution that for just a small company can make it simple to manage time and sent plain invoices in different currencies. Take…
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Best way to downsample a ripped version of PDF to PDF

This way requires a bit of linux software Debian / Ubuntu apt-get install ps2pdf apt-get install pdf2ps And then to the magic – lets say that your pdf is located at /home/mypdf.pdf <?php shell_exec(“pdf2ps /home/mypdf.pdf /home/mypdf.ps”); unlink(“/home/mypdf.pdf”); shell_exec(“ps2pdf /home/mypdf.ps /home/mypdf.pdf”); unlink(“/home/mypdf.ps”); ?>