Voice recording – either for video course, video live streaming or maybe a podcast

It’s really hard to get sound right. You don’t want to have to set up a entire studio – and assign an entire room just for you to be able to record a few things. Usually it’s not great to record voice in a office with wooden floor – or colleagues in the background. So […]

Weak Wifi? Slow Wifi? After 10 years of hunting, I have finally found the solution!

So admitted – I’m a bit of a geek. I might be a dad, husband – and a entrepreneur. But deep down – technology is always getting a lot of my attention. I have been interest in how to connect computers and transfer data from before I even had access to the internet (pre-2000). But […]

Semi-pro studio with 2x soft boxes for under £100 / $120!

I have a background as previous photografer – and I do not have any updated equipment. I wanted to do some decent video shooting – and picture taking; for which I was trying to find a cheap solution which still could give great results. Do remark that this blog post is not directing you to […]

How do I find a great compact charger for Samsung S7 / S8 – iPhone 6 / 6S / 7?

I have been through quite a few chargers. Either they are too small (70-80%) of the phone battery capacity – or otherwise they are 2lbs (1kg) heavy. It have been both crucial and hard for me to find the perfect match – which I do think I have found now. So I looked both iPhone […]

How to find the perfect External Battery for Macbook PRO / AIR?

If you as I am a heavy Mac user – you’ll have realised that the battery is the limitation. Especially when you do video editing while not being near a power socket – you got like 1-2 hrs. Even if you don’t and you maybe have long working days while flying, taxi’s or even on […]

How to improve iPhone performance without closing apps and rebooting

Hi there, As you know all iPhones always starts to get slower and slower, when there comes a new iPhone – and you keep your phone up to date as recommended for security reason, and to run apps.   Until now there have only been like one solution, unless you wanted to reboot your phone […]