About Jannik

Hi there, I’m Jannik.

I work with Digital Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube & Snapchat).

I’m a practitioner; I believe the only way to know the truth – is to do. This is also the reason why you see more and more content for my personal brand as a Digital Marketing Expert. It’s not just to brand me – but it’s to natively try out things.

I work with OnDigital every day – with a large number of great clients. I’m very thankful for all the opportunities we have with them, however, I use my personal brand and our OnDigital brand to try out new things. You may see a video recorded next to the harbour 5 or 50 times, simply to try out – “does it work”.

If things don’t work – it will usually turn out to be in a video or a blog post telling about the experience. If it works, I will share it as well. Failure is a part of success which is why I spent so much time testing.

To explain it in short; I love starting things. I love creating. I love testing. I love to do. It’s just my DNA.

I hope you enjoy my content! Please check out my different projects.

Do you want to get in touch? Email me directly: jh@jannikhansen.co.uk

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Where else can you find me?
My love for entrepreneurship will never stop. I do a lot of content for this as well – which I soon will telling more about.