So admitted – I’m a bit of a geek. I might be a dad, husband – and a entrepreneur. But deep down – technology is always getting a lot of my attention.

I have been interest in how to connect computers and transfer data from before I even had access to the internet (pre-2000).

But never the less – I have the last 10+ years lived with bad, poor wifi there just wasn’t the same – or wasn’t stable enough.

So far my best advice had been to use a RJ45 (network cable) – and have several access points – to cover the house best.

But – in a rental flat – or in a house with several floors it’s hard to make holes in walls, floors etc. And you just don’t want to have cables every where.

I have for many years heard that you can transfer your data through the electric sockets – but it’s something that I just never believed that would be a good idea to do so. I never gave it a chance.

However, I should have had.

So I got the 500 mbps for about a year ago. I can transfer roughly 60-70 bit through it. You literally just plug directly into your router and into a random extension next to it. And then anywhere in the house you plug it in – press the button on both – and they connect.

Then you have transferred the internet signal – and here you can either connect it to a new router, access point – or you can go for one of the more expensive versions where you already have this integrated.