Semi-pro studio with 2x soft boxes for under £100 / $120!

I have a background as previous photografer – and I do not have any updated equipment. I wanted to do some decent video shooting – and picture taking; for which I was trying to find a cheap solution which still could give great results.

Do remark that this blog post is not directing you to any fantastic high quality equipment – but a practical very cheap solution for good results!!

So I had a good look through Amazon – and many of them have bad reviews. However, what confused me was that there was a few good once in-between!

So I found a product that actually does the job – but it is fragile!

The backgrounds I found was of decent quality – but they are a bit short – compared what is normally known from a photo studio. It can do the job – but creativity need to apply in certain scenarios. The stands it comes with are fine – as long you have a floor where it can stand pretty solid – such as a wooden floor.

I find it very flexible – that you can adjust it as you like in length – depending on a solo video performance – or a dual interview. Phot-R 2×2.26m Adjustable Heavy Duty Professional Photo Studio Backdrop

Then to the actual soft boxes! They are very power efficient as it mostly reminds me of a over dimensioned lamp with a very powerfull 5000K light.

They are flexible to fold out – but the electric part is FRAGILE – and you need to be careful. If you need this less than 10 times a year – then the kit will work fine – but it you need it as a professionel kit – it won’t last you long. However it’s a great starter kit (for soft box light).

RPGT® Photography Softbox Studio Continuous Lighting Kit with 2x80W 5500K Bulbs 50 x70 cm Softboxes 2M Light Stand

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