How to find the perfect External Battery for Macbook PRO / AIR?

If you as I am a heavy Mac user – you’ll have realised that the battery is the limitation. Especially when you do video editing while not being near a power socket – you got like 1-2 hrs.

Even if you don’t and you maybe have long working days while flying, taxi’s or even on trains. If you try to catch a early flight like I often do – I’m on the road at 4am. And I hesitate not going to bed before 11pm. It’s easily 12+ hours I require my laptop to keep up with me – and I do not take many hours before it’s under 40%!

Anyway – I have been looking for an external battery for almost 2 years. I have bought a number of different DC-batteries with various adapters. All of them worked the first few weeks – but none of them were lasting more than 10-20 times usage.

Then I realised that there was a project on Kickstarter or one of those platforms that had a battery delivering 110/220V AC power (=Normal socket electricity from battery). This immediately caught my interest – but I have never seen them coming to Europe!!

After some more intensive research I realised that RAVpower have made a 27.000 Mah AC battery charger – that also can deliver USB-C power (5V/3A).

AMAZON: RAVpower – AC Battery Charger

If this is over your budget – then there is a smaller version of it. Check out this one:
Cheaper MacBook Battery Charger from RAVpower.

[amazon_link asins=’B01MDKHWNR,B01M9IZHA3′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’jannikhansen-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’a5b52e8c-3f99-11e7-8902-b5ff2a75b28a’]

DO REMARK: I haven’t tested the smaller one – but I have read from reviews that your laptop charger should use less than 50 watt (220v) – for it to work stable. So it would be fine with the Macbook Air 45w charger.

So is it really that great in reality?
It’s quite heavy. It’s a solid small box that fit’s fine into my laptop (shoulder bag). I haven’t checked the weight but my best guess is that it would be 1-1.5 lbs (under 1 KG).

And yes – it really does charge your laptop with 220 v. So I have made some test with my laptop being on 100% – and then do heavy video editing. This will normally get the battery to get down to 99% once in a while (with normal socket power) – and the battery has no other behaviour.

For the use of the laptop – it provides as reliable electricity.

So how long does it last?
I’m currently testing this!
But as soon as I have better information – I will let you know.

Test 1:
Charge a iPad Air 2 – from 20-100% while being used for light browsing. This takes 1 bar out of 9.
The charging speed feels like truly 2.1A output – but I don’t have the tool to measure it.

I will be performing my test on this:

Test 2: 
Charging my Macbook via the 220v 65w charger (original) – battery was 100% – and working heavily with 10 applications for 3 hours and 17 min – before it switched of.

Test 3: 
Charging my Macbook via the 220v 65w charger (original) – when the battery was just 9% – and still working quite heavily – but no video editing. It lasted for 2 hours and 53 min – and left my laptop at a 100%.

Conclusion is clear – it’s not a monster – but a helpful piece of equipment to extend your laptops battery life.

So what is this box so great for?
I’m often on very long transportation situations. This means Cabs (longer journeys), flights (=airports without access to sockets), conferences and to work on site with clients without having easy access to sockets.

My laptop battery will normally take me between 3-6 hours usage depending now what I do – and how good I am to close applications.

What is truly amazing about this product – is that it has such a large capacity (yes it doesn’t last forever) – but even when it’s flat – it charge fast – in just about 2 hours. The charger look small and silly – but it’s pretty damn fast. Even one day when both were flat – I could find a socket in a airport and plug both my Laptop and this battery in – and in just about an hour and 10 min – it got about 60% on the battery – and roughly the same on the laptop. From the 60% charge it was letting me finish my charge in the plane + leaving me with about 40-50% battery on the battery box.

It is great for the laptop life where you don’t have a stable office 5 days a week.

Do you want to see the product specs? Download PDF

[amazon_link asins=’B01MDKHWNR,B01M9IZHA3′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’jannikhansen-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’a5b52e8c-3f99-11e7-8902-b5ff2a75b28a’]

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