GET SHIT DONE – What’s the secrets?


– Aaron Levie, Box

It sounds so simple, yet it can feel so hard!

Throughout my life, I have had many periods where I’m shocked over how much I have accomplished – and on the other hand how little I had accomplished.

And I have tried to break this issue down, to try to find out why exactly that I can sometimes achieve 5-10 times more than other times – when the time spent is the same?

First I had to declare that the most valuable asset in my life (except my wonderful wife and son), is my time. I can’t get time back. Every minute there is passing is a moment that I can’t buy back – no matter what I will accomplish in the future.

So with that in mind, I have to start respecting the day much more. Not just setting goals, but accomplishing them.

I’m such a cloudy person that, I sometimes find it hard to get them dirty and productive. I love the broader thoughts, planning, researching, etc. But when it comes to actually bringing it to life, I find it hard to find the energy – even though I love the process of creating.

What I have found out is that I need to have certain tool to help me controlling these processes. So I started to use Trello for all broader thoughts and just things that I do need to share with other people – so any kind of team work-related.

And for the things that are 100% on me, including repetitive tasks that need doing either daily, weekly or monthly simply goes into Todoist.

And for things I can’t miss – so either tasks there is a deadline on – or phone meetings, etc. is always scheduled into Google Calendar (which I use the Business version of called: Google Apps).


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