WhatsApp on a iPad without jailbreaking it!

Yes, let’s just admit it – it have been a huge weakness from the pure beginning that WhatsApp haven’t bothered making a solution for iPad and other tablets – so you easily can message your friends and family. At least now they have made a half-OK solution online. It does work a bit weirdly as it still depend on live access to the SQlite database on your phone, to actually let you see your messages – or chat. A really weird way of doing it, which probably just turns out to be security wise. But if they would have had what it takes to convince their users to register with an email/password – then the problem would be solved – and they could make a native app for tablets, fully synchronised from a central database.

Anyway, here is a fully legal mini-hack, of how you can use Whatsapp on your iPad, without doing stupid things with Jailbreaking it etc.

Hey! Did you just call it stupid to jailbreak devices?
Yes, I did indeed. When you choose to jailbreak your devices, you also allow the creator of Jailbreaking to install a backdoor to your phone, and you will have full access. Try to do it, turn off Mobile data, put a network monitor on your Wifi, and try to look at the traffic. No kidding, that it’s free.

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