Google Drive vs. Dropbox

Hi there,
I have been a reliable Dropbox user for ages, and I must admit I have been loving it.
But I have now given my self the challenge that I need to try out the Google Drive. I did try out Google Drive when it was new, on Windows 7 – ages ago – and the client keep breaking down.

Now the Windows is replaced with a Macbook Pro (And OS X) – and I now believe it’s worth to give it a try. After moving to London, I do spend a bit of time in the Google Campus London, close to Old Street/Moregate – and that gives like a naturally curiosity to just try Google’s stuff out.

And since Google provide FREE WIFI with over 200 mbit upload – so I thought it might be a good idea to try it out. As we speak my Dropbox have just passed 300 gb data – a good mixture of documents and pictures – so I hope this also gives me a chance to try out Google Docs more seriously – and see how it works.


As you can see it takes some time – but I will give it a ago – and update this post in a few days.

UPDATE – 24 June 2016:
I have to admit, that I have now tried Google Drive. And yes I did get my 150 gb files uploaded – until I got to my photos – and I tried to use Google Photo Import – and I must admit that it’s a bad solution. It do ONLY upload JPG – and not my videos.

Also from Dropbox I love the way it’s just so smooth to share files – and go back to a earlier version of a document you worked on – with Microsoft Office integration – and Google just doesn’t have these features.

So where the plain file synchronization is fine then I don’t feel they can charge the same price as Dropbox for the service – not yet at least.

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