Apple Music: How to cancel subscription

Nothing is worse than you feel that you have wasted money. You never guess how I this made me feel, when I only had tried the service for a couple of hours – 3 months ago – and I then get a lovely email from Apple that they have been so nice that they have invoiced me for $9.99 USD. I can’t even be bothered to think about getting a refund for it, so instead I’m showing my frustration about Apple’s communication, with a video of how to cancel it.

The very least I would expect from a company such as Apple, would be a kind email telling that they are gonna charge me for the service I have never used for more than a couple hours. Total inactivity – and they still just abuse the trust you put into their services. I can’t even be mad, because I have accepted the subscription in the start – so I guess the right way to frase it must be; “Frustrated over lack of communication about Apple Music Renewal!”.

Enjoy the video guide, of how to get out of it – in less than a couple of minutes.

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