Hi there, I’m Jannik.

I consider myself as the BETA test of what’s possible to do Online / entrepreneur.
I have a series of different internet projects, just to find out if there is a market in that area. When I start on a project, I always just want to see if it is possible. Mostly it’s not – but I have to try!

To explain it in short; I love starting things. I love creating. It’s just my DNA.

My motto is GO GET IT so you will see that all my websites encourage people at varying knowledge levels to learn new skills.

Please do help me to improve my content by giving me feedback or submitting questions/requests for content that you may find relevant.

I hope you enjoy my content! Please check out my different projects.

Do you want to get in touch? Email me directly: jh@jannikhansen.co.uk

Or follow me Twitter or hit me up on LinkedIn.

Where else can you find me?
My love for entrepreneurship will never stop. I do a lot of content for this as well – which I soon will telling more about.
I do provide distance mentoring on MicroMentor. Check out my profile there.

Amino.dk – Danish business forum.